Jharna Aunty – Maid To Fuck

Jharna Aunty – Maid To Fuck : It’s this time about a petite, hot, MILF, 43-year-old Bengali maid. After having a chat with Jharna Aunty, it was apparent that she was a hot babe. I was in exactly the right place just at the right moment and for the second time. Didn’t understand? We’ll start at the beginning.

My first encounter with Jharna Aunty was in 2016 following my board. I went to Mumbai to take a brief course. In Mumbai, I lived with my uncle which was not related to me. It was then that I came across Jharna Aunty the first time. The moment I met her first, her look was very sensual and appealing.

In describing Jharna Aunty, then she was wearing an sheath. But, she was sweaty and damp while she was at the table. Her skin sparkled and sweat was flowing across her body through her dress. Jharna Aunty became an instant sensation, and I fell in love with her.

The course ran for about two months. In the meantime, Jharna Aunty and I were able to bond quite well. Uncle was known to leave early in the morning and return around 9 or 10 after. The classes I took were only two hours. For the rest of the time, I was in my home together with Jharna Aunty. The two of us mingled very nicely. Prior to my arrival I was also by myself.

Jharna Aunty’s family resided located in Bengal She worked at the home of my uncle’s. She didn’t know anyone in the area and was extremely lonely. 2 months passed quickly. I came to my home in Mumbai I left Jharna Aunty to be with me. Sure, she cried over the emotional bond.

I had completely forgotten about my life until the year 2018. I had the opportunity to work in the industrial sector in Mumbai. In the space of two years, Jharna Aunty struck me with a new attack, and my memories returned. When I received an internship invitation I called my uncle to inquire whether the job was still in the market.

Uncle initially hesitated, but then he was able to agree to a 6-month stay. I’m so glad to be able to visit Jharna Auntie once more. The only problem, as Uncle mentioned is that some members of his family are living in the same place. They’ll stay for a further two weeks. This means I’ll have to change until they are gone. Then I’ll have access to the room once I have completed that.

I opted in since I had just three days left to sign up and I had no other place to travel to. I flew to Mumbai with my uncle’s help. I arrived a few days prior to my first day of work. I called the doorbell and the gorgeous Jharna Aunty opened the doors. The girl was thrilled to meet me after such some time.

At the time she was on her own with her friends going for a walk. Jharna Aunty stated, “I’m so happy to meet you. Place your bags inside the hall until the moment.”

I had my bags stored on the floor, right next to Jharna aunty’s bags. We talked for hours. Jharna Aunty revealed what occurred during this time. I explained to her the reason I came here and that I’ll stay there for six months.

Jharna Aunty was my mother figure however, I was always in an issue with her sexuality. Jharna Aunty was never the one to give indications, so I kept it the way it was.

In the evening, all of us returned at home. I was able to help Jharna Aunty cook dinner to everyone. We everyone had a meal. It was time to go to bed. I had become tired from my travels and of food preparation.

It was a typical two-bedroom apartment. Uncle slept in one room and family members in the second. Jharna Aunty and me were confined to the hallway. That’s where the story began to unravel.

In the hallway, there were two sofas as well as diwan. The couches were very uncomfortable for me because I am very tall. Therefore, I considered going to the Diwan. However, Jharna Aunty had already been asleep there prior to my arrival and I told her to lie down in the diwan. Jharna Aunty demanded, “Where will you sleep?”

I replied, “I’ll adjust besides the diwan and sleep on the floor.” Jharna Aunty insists on sleeping at the diwan. However, I firmly refused and asked her to lie down. I rolled out a blanket and lay down. I lay down and fell asleep.

The middle of the night, about 2am I suddenly awoke. After 5-10 minutes, i tried to sleep but failed. Then I got up and settled. I looked up at the diwan and noticed Jharna Aunty lying in peaceful sleep. She was sleeping in her saree all the time. Her saree had been not aligned properly, her slender navel could be seen.

Diwan was right next to the window. So the exterior lights were shining her navel. I was very attracted to touch it a few times. It was possible that I let my thoughts of intrusiveness take over. My hands moved toward her navel. My index finger was pointed towards her navel, then moved it to the back.

Jharna Aunty didn’t react. I got more brave and continued with two fingers. It was this time I put the finger at her navel. Jharna Aunty was lying in an very in a deep sleep. After several tries to get her up, I put my hands on her beautiful navel. The navel of her was extremely soft and smooth.

I felt it was a boner. Slowly, I began to touch the belly button of her. Then, I stopped to rest for the night and fell back asleep. In the morning it was as normal as Jharna Aunty was just like every other day smiley. I brushed myself up for my work and walked out of the home.

On the second night, exactly the same occurred. I made sure that I woke early in the morning. The same thing happened over the course of three nights, every night becoming more bold and more bold. A new twist came the day after.

The next morning I began to feel like someone had touched my Dick. I saw a dream too, and it was the same feeling that started appearing in my dream. I believed it was part of the dream, and so put it aside. However, the sensation became intense. I woke up, and smashed in my eyes.

Jharna Aunty’s hands were looking at my boner. I lay on the ground, right next to the diwan. It was simple to Jharna Aunty to lay her hands and then touch me. It was evident her aunty Jharna too cute too. My morning wood watching got her pumped up.

The girl started touching me. That’s quite understandable as her husband was living in Bengal as well as she was living in Mumbai for quite a while. Then, I wasn’t sure whether she was aware that I had did anything to her. I needed to come up with an accident well executed to turn her into my own. I waited till two weeks elapsed and my Uncle’s family member moved out.

When I walked into my room when I got there, all I could remember was Jharna Aunty getting my tummy. It was the last instance she had done it but she didn’t do this again during those two months. There was time to have an eviction right now. I began roaming around the house dressed in shorts while Uncle was not home.

I would often go on commando missions in order to make sure that if I stumbled upon an errant, it would be quite evident. I began helping Jharna Aunty cook in the kitchen. Jharna Aunty was known to look at me continuously, particularly on my boner. I resisted, claiming I was unsure of what was happening.

A few days ago I slept in my bedroom, when it was then that I heard voices. I squinted my eyes, and saw Jharna Aunty making my room clean. Then, she washed my room. It was the first time this had happened. I was unsure whether Uncle had told her to do it or if she was taking this action to catch an image of me.

It continued to occur each day. In the evening, I decided to investigate it further and flirt with her in the process. In the night, I lay in bed in a robe, totally without clothing. I thought she did this to get a good laugh However, I wanted to confirm. It was the right time to allow Jharna Aunty to learn some new things and then play around with the new thing.

I got up early. I was awakened by the sound of my Uncle going out to work. Jharna Aunty came into the room, broom in hand. The moment she spotted my condition, she gasped before rushing from the room. I thought to myself, this is it and it’s over. After a couple of seconds I saw her return with interest and laid down close to my mattress.

I was observing all of this by squinting my eyes, which meant it was not as apparent. It was getting easier to figure the whole thing out. Jharna Aunty was gazing at my dick, and tried to reach out and touch it several times before pulling away. After gaining enough courage, she reached for my Dick. Then she slowly began to grab it with her 2 fingers, and then three fingers.

I had to control my boner. I quit and was unable to keep it in check anymore. My dick started erecting in her hand. Jharna Aunty was amazed. My dick stretched completely and expanded up to 6.5 inches. Jharna Aunty was taking it home in awe.

The girl finally saw it. Perhaps she was tempted to go on, but she also controlled herself as she left the room. After that, she didn’t return. this. After some time, refreshed and ate breakfast together with Jharna Aunty. Jharna Aunty was constantly staring at me and smiling, occasionally laughing between.

I questioned, “What happened, Aunty?” Then she said, “Nothing, just like that.” I was confused. I was unsure of what to do next. However, I knew one thing, that Jharna Aunty was insanely sexy and was in need of a good screw. I didn’t want to pass up this chance.

With the thought that Jharna Aunty was also interested in the sport It was an ideal chance. That day I took a week off and was relaxing at home. Jharna Aunty was planning for a trip out, and I inquired about what she planned to do. Jharna Aunty said, “I’m just going out to buy groceries and vegetables.”

I asked “Do you need any help?” Jharna Aunty was hesitant for a while, and then she answered yes. We went shopping. We walked to the store. We bought all our food items and even vegetables. Today, Mumbai being Mumbai and its unpredictable weather It started to rain the dogs and cats.

Jharna Aunty and I were completely wet because we could not find shelter from the elements. Jharna Aunty was amazing in that sweaty saree, and she had the fabric was sticking onto her skin. It was thrilling to see. As we were getting soaked in sweat, we decided to carry on the walk.

The house was right next to us so we were able to get the homestead quick. When we were walking through rain, I held Jharna Aunty to her thighs so she would not fall or trip. Actually, I was having fun the feeling of grabbing her shoulders. I was grabbing her sides and feeling her smooth, silky skin.

Jharna Aunty was fully aware of the things I was doing, however she was not averse and was already blushing. We slowly made it our home. Jharna Aunty got the door open and we walked in. Jharna Aunty brought all the vegetables and groceries into the kitchen. I shut the door in front of me, and then sewed it shut.

I could not control myself any more. I ran toward the kitchen, and took Jharna Aunty from behind. I placed my hand on her slick, moist navel, and placed a kiss across her neck’s back. Jharna Aunty instantly exclaimed “Oui, Maa!”

I continued to kiss her neck as I gently massaged her navel while pointing the navel’s hole. Jharna Aunty told me, “I don’t know why it took so long for you to understand my needs, but I’m happy it’s happening.” I took Jharna Aunty and headed towards my bedroom. I shaved off her wet saree, and put it into the trash.

Jharna Aunty The Bengali goddess right in front of me with a blouse and dress, is prone to being attacked. I stripped down to the bottom of my pants and then ambushed Jharna Aunty. My lips were smacking on her in a way that was uncontrollable. I grabbed her juicy lips and stuck to the kiss.

I was sucking and wiping the filth from her lips. The session lasted for couple of minutes and then the lips became more red and then swollen. Jharna Aunty loved the treatment, and was eager to get to have more. She grabbed my dick using her left hand and felt the hard-on I gave her.

The girl was very proud of her accomplishments. Tricking me, she pushed my underwear down, freeing my dick. My dick lay upon Jharna Aunty’s arms at the moment. I was being teased to the point of being naughty. She shook her head for about five to six times, then stopped before starting again. She stopped and then resumed her strokes. Then she did it while smiling in her eyes.

I could not let Jharna Aunty rule me as an employee. I took control. I shook the yellow dress, squeezed it into a tizzy, and then to rip it. What I saw was her blue bra that she wore inside. The blouse was draped over her arms.

Jharna Aunty’s dominating behavior went away and was surrendered to me. I took her shirt off and untied the knot in her petticoat. There was a ridiculously bra that was padded as well as a gorgeous flowery panty. What person could ever have imagined that a lady would dress in this kind of bra and panty? Well, I certainly haven’t.

I pulled her up against the wall, and started kissing her soft, smooth neck. I then left my loving bites on her neck. Jharna Aunty began to moan constantly and never stopped. Then I picked her up once more and took her to the bathroom. I switched to shower and then we got started on making our way under the flow of water.

Then, I said to her “The flow of water from your shower is exactly like the love juice that flows from your tummy. Jharna means Waterfall. This name is perfect for you since you’re currently a goddess of flowing fucksy.” She said that she became so sexy. I took her hand and put it into her pants. I got her to play with her crut.

Even bathing I could smell hot juices flowing from Jharna Aunty’s female. I was incredibly hungry for some juice from her. Then I got rid of her pants and kneeled. I placed my lips onto her clit region and began taking a gulp and then wiping.

In the meantime, I was looking towards her glory hole in order to taste her hot pussy juice. Jharna Aunty was thoroughly enjoying everything about it, as she was screaming and moaning screaming with delight. Jharna Aunty asked, “Won’t you treat my boobs fairly? I haven’t removed my bra, and it immediately fell on my thigh.”

I completely missed the opportunity to go out her body and try her gorgeous bods. I instructed Jharna Aunty to move away from me. Then, I put my dick in between her legs. I placed it in such as to ensure that the upper part of the dick would be resting against the edges of the hole in her glory. Both sides were touching her legs.

This was a first experience to Jharna Aunty and gave her a lot of pleasure her. I was fiddling her with my hands with my dick without inserting it, however, it was a pleasure. Once I had mastered my movement, I put my fingers on her bra hook. It was released within a couple of seconds in letting her bra fall downwards and fall into the ocean.

I sat her petite thighs by my fingers while I was fiddling her legs. At the same time, I was playing with her nupples. Jharna Aunty was somewhere else at the moment. I shut off the shower then turned her toward me for the first glimpse of her adorable, sexy body.

It was an incredibly hefty piece of meat and had only a tiny amount of stretch. I was able to taste her boobs, and then playfully grabbing her nipples and then biting it. I was unable to stop myself from her bosoms. Jharna Aunty had me pounding my head on her thighs and was begging me to have to have more. In a short time before I stopped to go into the high point.

We left the bathroom and moved towards the kitchen. To be able to fuck her right where she was at and that she belonged to, which was an emcee. I grabbed her by the hair and set her in the kitchen counter. I opened her genitals so I could smell and lick it all.

After a nice smack on my tongue, I was all set to go in. While I was preparing to get in Jharna Aunty was saying, “Fuck me with everything you’ve got. It’s been many years since I’ve had a fling. I’m trying to satisfy my passion here, so I won’t get my husband cheated on by an additional man. Both of us are the only people who fuck me.”

As I listened the conversation, I felt so compelled to get rid of the cheating wife and hot Bengali bombshell girl. Jharna Aunty threw her pussy she laid her legs flat in the kitchen while I entered her. Dick’s head was encircling her but all I could glimpse was her eyes pointing up toward heaven.

I went into the most tight tummy hugs I’ve seen. I moved slowly, only about halfway putting my dick in then Jharna Aunty began to shiver and yelling. It was still her desire to enter with my entire of dick. It was difficult when you consider her tummy was tight as well as raw, almost like it was new.

We took our time and I finally managed to put my entire 6.5-inch Dick into her in a slow manner. Jharna Aunty smiled, and then instructed me to begin the thrusting and pumping of her tummy. Her pussy wall were consuming my entire body and I was able to grip it with my fists. I tried to begin stroking and fiddling her.

We slowly began the flow and her pussy fluids also provided lubrication. Soon, Jharna Aunty was enjoying her to the fullest singing with the highest volume of her voice and yelling my name. While I was fiddling her up, I was having fun with her Clit. It was most enjoyable pleasure a girl could have.

It was a lot of fun to fuck around the kitchen’s top and to the floor, and at the table. Absolutely it was the most enjoyable fist I’ve ever had. Jharna Aunty was with lust and passion. I could feel the warmth within her pussy. The two of us sex for nearly 2 hours, before we both passed out from exhaustion.

I carried Jharna Aunty and put her onto the bed which we did for several hours until Uncle showed up. We awoke, took an ice bath, and played a game at the toilet. It was in a state of trance as if nothing occurred.

Uncle returned from his job. Jharna Aunty transformed her character and went from being a flirty girl to a timid maid exactly like she had been before. However, I was the only one who knew her capabilities.

Jharna Aunty was the greatest girl I’ve ever had up to now, and nothing will ever compare. The story is concluded of Jharna Aunty, the cheating and sexy Bengali maid.

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