Me and You: Having Sex With Your Pal

Me and You: Having Sex With Your Pal: Hi Guys. I’m Rahul an older male who is full of enthusiasm and a desire for affection. My writings reflect the love we have made, i.e. of Deepa and I, whom I found here via this website and Me.

In the previous story, due to Deepa’s insistance I was willing to join her and her friends. Today’s story is about a date with her best friend. This story can be described as follows:

The room was booked by herself. The name she uses is Anu. I had to be there around midday. I got there and was in the car when it rang in my phone. The message was Deepa seeking my location. I said, I’m at the park. Within less than one minute, she called her room number.

I put the car in my garage then walked up into the elevator. The room was located on the second floor. It was it was a penthouse style. The room wasn’t an Five Star Hotel but a lovely property with a very sophisticated style. A luxurious and costly property it was. When I got to the room, called the doorbell.

Even though the doors were open I thought it was appropriate to call the bell and sit down. After a few minutes it was over. She (Anu) was there and she greeted me with a big smile. Instead of yelling for me for me to enter instead, she came directly to the front door to meet me. Then I made a formal introduction to myself. She smiled, “Of course, who else it would be?”

I walked in I was greeted by a lady who took my bag which was small one that I carried I was offered a place to seat. It was a huge room that was larger than what I am used to. There was a sofa that could be set up for 4 people to sit. 1+1+1. The table had a desk. It was likely that she was working at the table. The laptop’s lid was unlocked. Her jacket, an Blazer was hanging from the side of the chair.

I was offered water, and she took a seat on the back of the car. We talked about our wellbeing, health issues, etc. She replied, “Let me get some bites and drink,” and sat up to grab the food and drink. As she’s getting ready I’ll tell you about her.

Anu is a little short in size, possibly 4’11” or less. She is slim and trim. She is a curvy young woman. Pretty complexion, beautifully cut hair that is less than the shoulder. Beautiful and flawless face. Her outfit was Formal attire for work, Dark colored trousers, as well as a fawn-coloured blouse. The Belly was adorned with heels, and she wore shoes.

All in all, she was gorgeous and stylish. She appeared to be an extremely wealthy person. Her appeal was evident. It was impossible to take my eyes from her. It was as if she had a magnetic pull. I was not expecting anyone to be to be as good as her. The lady came in and put out the basket with a variety of food items, carefully selected.

The lady removed various cans of juices from her fridge along with a handful of chocolate cakes. To talk about her pastries, she said with a smile “You like chocolate, isn’t it?” I laughed back and said “Yes!” I didn’t want to eat anything, but decided to grab one up Cold Coffee Can.

They took the food out she took a can of juice for herself, and returned the seat. As she sipped her drink, the room was quiet, and we seemed a bit hesitant.

She began by saying, “Thank you for coming. It was really interesting to watch Deepa fight trying to convince her. She was confident that she could succeed. But, I was disappointed when she said you don’t agree with her. I had almost lost hope. It’s a pity you know?” Anu got a bit sad when she said the following.

After seeing her face at her expression, I got up and joined her on the couch. I asked her, “Why should you think about this? Aren’t I together with you right now?” Saying this, I grabbed her hand into my palm and soothed her. My arms were wrapped to her side, causing me to take her hug. I gave her a soft hug. She lowered her head and laid her head against my shoulder.

My lips brushed the cheek of her and kissed her. She moved her body, lowered her head, and then we locked lips. In a kiss the girl slid her hand over my chest shoulder shifting her body to mine and then reaching for my hands. My hand was pulled out and put it on her breast. It was very comfortable to touch.

I thought that she would wear a bra with padding however, there was no. I thought it was just a thin cloth bra. Her bosoms looked normal. No pad. I felt her boobs, and I took a few of my hand, rubbing each one. She continued to kiss, open her mouth, and then pushed her tongue into my mouth.

She slid her hands over my neck, and then kissed my cheeks with affection between her fingers. We escaped the lip lock. She stood up, and she suggested getting rid of the clothing. Yes, I said yes. I also got up. I was wearing cotton pants with a Shirt, and also the Floaters. The girl moved her hand to unlock the buttons on my shirt.

The same happened to me. I also pushed my button. The woman said that she’d return and that I could keep going. She went to the bathroom. I continued, taking off my pants, shoes, and shirts. I kept my underwear and vest, it was uncomfortable being stripped completely. I turned off the light inside the space.

I opened the window and sat there with the view of outside. They had left the bathroom. I was looking back at her. The woman hummed in my interest. I turned around, and there she was, wearing a bra and panty, Beige coloured, designer style.

She replied, “I have left these for you,” and pointed at her clothing. I smiled and replied, “Of course, with pleasure.” The woman stood close to the mattress. I shifted and became close to her. Her hands moved and she I raised my jacket. I aided her, and then took it off. I helped her untid her bra.

I bent my knee and pulled through her pants until it fell to the ground. She got up. I retreated, stood up, and stepped back a bit and stared at her. Wow. I could not turn my eyes away of what I was watching amazing sight. What stunning breasts. They were firm and precise to my size preference.

Amazing craftsmanship by God. Beautiful physique! The actress looked stunning. The skin was soft and well-massaged. The petite beauty. I mused to myself. Then she said, it’s her turn. She fell down on her knees, and placed me in my underwear. She slowly lifted it up.

It stuck to my head. It’s grown in size. The elastic was stretched and moved it even further. Her forehead brushed against my head. It was brought to my feet and I stood up. Then she embraced my dick and kissed it on the head. I dragged her away. We embraced.

As we hugged, I was forced to lower my body. I’m 5’10” And she’s less than 5′. This didn’t bother either of us. In the end, I wondered why she picked me to be with her. She sat down on the bed and requested me to get up. I began to crawl to the top. I stopped and inspected her legs. I stared at her with my full attention.

I placed my arms around her legs. Her legs parted a small amount, and let me take an entire look at her. Her pussy was stunning. It was well-shaped, and had tiny and perfect lips. The look was so clean undisturbed and clean. The skin wasn’t too dark, because it isn’t the norm for dark skin to get more dark. It was, however, similar to her skin.

Perhaps she is Bikini waxing but never applied the hair remover. Her appearance was clear, tidy and neat. Hairless, since I like to keep my dick all hair-free. I kissed her tummy and she groaned. I was pulled up by her. She pinned my body weight onto her. We shared a hug.

We kissed, and then had a long and deep kiss. I rubbed my hands over her breast. The breasts of her are quite a hefty collection. I put them in my hands. Then I pressed it. A gentle squeeze. The lip-lock came off. She moved her hand towards my forehead and pulled her into her breast. My tongue was positioned on her lips.

The nipples of her were medium-sized and were to tight. My breasts were both in all at one time. My fingers were dangling to her pissy. The girl was to the bathroom and was soaking wet. She was looking forward to it however, she grabbed my hair away. She wanted me to go inside her. She was actually too hungry and didn’t want to wait longer.

I was up from my bed and asked, “What happened?” I responded, taking the condom. She replied, “No. It’s not a condom. If you do not want it. Please take it off. It’s the same for you. want it.” It was shocked at her comment. I looked her in the eye with a an unanswered question mark across my face.

She laughed and then teasingly said, “What do you think? Sir, I and Deepa share all things. I have all the information about you.” My smile widened and was amazed to find out they even discussed the subject! I laid down in between her legs. I looked at her tummy. I got rock hard. Her sexy pussy looks so hot I am irritated.

A second thought popped into my thoughts. The girl appeared innocent and innocent. After observing her for a second, was like deciding not to touch her pissy. Let it remain as it is. in peace and without harm. The girl (the girl) is adorable. I’m in love her cute pussy. I sat there, but she commanded me to move forward.

I moved, and I put my fingers in her pissy. My lips greeted me, and she embraced my finger. The girl felt a tingle and groaned. My palm moved over her genitals. And, I gathered everything and gently squeezed. Then she moaned and requested me to go back inside.

Her upper body was stretched toward me, and then took my intimate part. She dragged it over her tummy and then moved her body in a forward direction to draw me inside. I gently held my dick as she moving the tip onto her lips. When I touched her, she became so damp. I moved my head upwards and downwards along her length, with slightly open lips.

Her heart was aching for the moment to come in. In the absence of any pre-planning, considering the urge to enter, I began trying to push into. Slowly, and gently I made it through just one-quarter inch, but could not penetrate. The sleeve was just too tightly. I was wondering if she was smaller or was I too big! But I was unable to push in.

The pressure grew the middle, and she began to manage the pressure. I was a bit further in, but she reacted with the quick jerk. I retreated instantly. She was hurt. I began to withdraw however she immediately took me in her arms. She assured me that she was fine since she wasn’t physically active.

Maybe that’s why. I told myself it’s fine, I’m fine, and then withdrew myself. I just sat just as I did. She inquired as to why I didn’t move forward. I responded that I’m seeking out how my cock could be softer and smaller by some means. She explained how it would however, I prefer to keep it the way it is. I was unsure, but I was afraid of hurting her.

She replied, “Okay, wait, let me take it care of. I’m pretty sure how it’ll turn out.” After that she got up and went to her dressing table, and found two items. One was a ring made of rubber It is large as well as light in weight. Then small bottles of a transparent Gel sort of item.

She climbed on to the bed, laid on her knees and placed the ring of rubber on my daddy. She moved it around just like we would a condom. She pulled it up to its root. She informed me that the dick in me would be pushed into her for this amount just. I chuckled and thanked her. “Good, smart move.”

The bottle was opened and she used the Gel into her hands. She sprayed it on my hair and a little on her tummy. She washed her hands and lay on her back and pleaded with me to sit close to her. I once again held my dick and walked towards her slowly, and it was able to slide right into her with no effort or hurt for her.

The Gel was so lubricated that my dick glided through the Gel effortlessly. Absolutely no grip. It was great. I was about to collapse. I was pulled onto her body. I sat on her as I slowly moved into. Her body was embracing me. For a short period, without much effort by the two of us she was fully in.

I began making tiny moves. From and into. With due attention to ensure that the movements remain calm and cool. It is possible that the Gel may have had some sensation of numbness. Over time the impact of Gel decreases. There are feelings and sensations of our genitals. It was evident that she enjoyed the insertion with a sweet ache.

She murmured. After a few to-and-fro moves her body was feeling gorgeous and high. She held me close and pulled me further on her body. She requested that I smash her beneath me. It was pretty heavy on her. She could feel it. She sat up a bit, and she breaths. Both of us smiled.

We grew more involved in the exercise. My waist was held by her and she directed my movements, pushing and pull. My pace was steady. The girl began oozing. She was enjoying the movements, and her moans became more pronounced. The woman had so much cum that it seemed as if she’d been held in an eddy for many years.

Today, the dam’s gates are open. We might be forced to pull the towel from under our feet. Her body was so full of it was easy to see the joy on her smile. Our peaks were reached. She poured her orgasm out then shuddered, and eventually sat silent. I kissed her, and then got off of her. The smile she gave me was huge. I was thrilled to have delighted her.

When we think about it about it, it’s a pity that one cannot feel sexual satisfaction and pleasure. This is not a luxurious. It’s a fundamental necessity, and it is so normal and required. This is a pity. We remained there for a while. The room was quiet and there was there was no talk. It seems like she was being shy, just like I do.

I stopped the silence, and asked if we could clean. The girl said yes, and said “Let’s eat something.” I was able to agree. She suggested she take something out of the kitchen. I had to respond to her, however she said that she didn’t need to be concerned about the rooms service being brought in. I told her I wasn’t hungry, and I would not consume much food. However, I would eat should she wish to.

The girl offered to have food out of her refrigerator but then. I pointed towards the bathroom and asked her to leave first. The bed was cleared, she removed a couple of clothes from her dresser and made the move into the bathroom.

As I was putting up the sheet on my bed. I observed bloody drops over it. Not too much, maybe two or three, but not particularly noticeable, but rather the shadows of blood appeared. I thought about if she was in menstrual cycles! So, why was she deciding to wear a dress today? She walked out in the most translucent purple evening dress.

The string was at the shoulder length and in the thigh. I gathered my clothing to wear, which I taken with me this morning I then went to the restroom. I got out in jeans and my T-shirt. She had organized her work, and put food out around the table, in a variety. Sandwiches, snacks packed such as juices of various kinds and Chocolate pastries.

I invited her to bed and showed her the stain. I inquired whether she was going through her period, or if caused harm to her. The girl looked at the camera and began to blush. Smiled shyly and replied “No it’s not me. I’m going through menstrual cycles. It is a pleasure to be able to witness the change.” She embraced me she walked up on her feet as she pulled my face downwards and gave me a kiss.

I was staring at her in awe and she said, “This must be my male hymen damaged, since so many years have gone by between me and her …” was last seen.” She then stopped talking. I was able to get it and accepted her with a kiss, but not even registering her sorrow as it was forming. Then we ate lunch together.

In the afternoon, she was seated between my legs in my lap and was looking at me. She lifted herself up and her abs touched my face. She sat on my head, and put her hands on my breasts which made me take a couple in a lips. I took a deep breath and chewed. The girl lowered her hands onto me, placed her hands on my tool, and then rubbed my tip onto her pussy lips.

Sit on it, and then went to sleep. The lady asked me to lie down. I attempted to wake up, however she would not let me go. I asked her what. I asked her again to go to the mattress. Then I asked her get down. I asked her to hold her as she was with this pose, and hold her and keep my dick within her. I smiled, and she was lifted.

Then, instead of sleeping I walked towards the wall. I lifted her, and then moved my body away from her. I made her stand up on her feet, and she turned around and looked face back towards me. Then I lifted her up from back, letting her hands rest on the walls, and then inserted my dick into her back and sucked it up with a doggy snazzy style.

I put her weight in my fingers, and she was able to balance herself by placing her hands against the wall. I walked into the room and then out. Her moaning was very joyful. This was a first encounter for us both. I enjoyed it, too. As I carried the weight of her, after at some point the conversation slowed down.

I carried her back to the bed with the same position. She sat down on her stomach, and she giggled. She immediately turned and took me. I laid flat upon her body. The two of us shared a lengthy kiss. I then went towards her. We lay unmoved. My hand was taken into hers and indulged me.

After a short time and break I was asked “Do you know the process of making ice candy works? I responded, “No, what is it? Do you own any?” She replied, “I already have it and I’ll make it Choco flavor.” After that she then went towards the fridge, and then took out the chocolate pastry.

She smacked the cream on top of her fingers and then came over to me, and put it on my dick. Around its entire head, and up to half the length, with the exception of the tips. It was chilly. She took a lick of her finger, then continued to move forward, putting Dick and putting it in her mouth. Her mouth opened to the fullest and swallowed the dick in the fullest extent she could.

Then she tucked it tightly into her cheeks, and then extended her mouth wide and gave it a firm sucking. She took all of the cream, along with my pre-cum. Her sucking continued with the most pleasure and flavor. I moved forward in order to get her to stop, but she refused to let go of my neck. I moved her, to her side and put her waist upon my chest.

I sat between her legs and thighs and placed my lips over her tummy. Then we got into a 69-degree posture. I placed my hand on her hips while pulling her lower to my mouth. I took a gulp and chewed her pussy gills vigorously. Between bites, I chewed on her lips. The two of us sucked for an extended period of time.

She gushed plenty, and I took her until she was dry which made her dry. Both of us had exhausted our bodies. The time was up when we got up and left the mattress. I could feel the happiness and complete happiness the look on her face. After we got dressed, I got ready to leave.

I suggested that she pay for the hotel room. She declined. I suggested sharing with her, but at a minimum. She replied, please wait. We should talk about it further. She shared with me her personal story. Her husband works in the trade of exporting handicrafts as is she, too. She also participates engaged in financial transactions. She is an investor.

She runs the Boutique Hotel. She’s an investor at this property. Additionally, she said that she the opportunity to offer this property to her friend. However, when looking at the angle of confidentiality, they’d never taken up this idea. There isn’t any expenditure that I am required to contemplate.

Then she continued “And honey, I’m going for you to discuss your company today. Your company is in the markets for stocks. Let me know more What do you do what is the process.” I talked to her all about the market as well as the ways in which we invest. We operate on a profit-profit-sharing basis. We guarantee no loss.

Any loss, if there is one If there is any loss, we’ll pay it out the funds we have in our wallet. Further specifics. There were some queries about this and I responded to each one. She was extremely conscious and on top of the matter. She eventually suggested that I handle her account. I was thrilled to be able to help a customer.

After that, I arose to leave. I thanked her for my presence. She also smiled and said “We were able to have a quick and short play today. We would consider it to be an introduction. The next time we met, we were able to enjoy it at the highest level as she gave us an intimate and warm hug. We also had one brief kiss.

I then left the room. I walked out and she opened the door to me. I walked to my car and then a message came up. The message was from Deepa, “Thank you so very much. We will see each other in the near future. Also, I’ll eat the whole thing up next occasion.” I smirked and went off.

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