My Sultry Teacher and I have a sultry bathroom session

My Sultry Teacher and I have a sultry bathroom session – Originally, I had not planned to share this experience. Now I share this with Maya’s child. It was planned as an ordinary encounter like so many others. We slept at her house, mine or ours or booked a hotel. We got into the bathroom because her daughter was there.

Maya’s spouse had left on a trip for work on the 29th of December 2023. He wasn’t supposed to return until 5th January, 2024. The 29th and the 30th were a failure. We were so desperate, Maya invited me over to her house on the afternoon of 31st.

It was a simple plan. After lunch, her daughter was going to sleep. We’ll fuck in Maya’s room during this time. My parents were told that I would be going to my friend’s home for group study at 1:30pm. While on my way to Maya’s house, I texted her that I was going to be there in under 30 minutes.

Maya responded, “It seems our bad day continues on for the third consecutive day.” When I asked, “Why?” Maya answered, “She’s not in the mood to sleep today.” She was firmly seated before the television. I said, “Let us see what we can do.” She replied, “I am also as desperate as you are but I don’t wish to put my life at risk for it.”

I didn’t reply, but instead continued to her home. I went into her apartment. He knew I was there because I came multiple times and said I was coming for school. I was quietly let in without being asked any questions. The lift took me to the third floor.

I rang my bell. She opened the door to find out who was there. She asked me who I was. I said I am your mother’s daughter and I came to clarify some doubts. This little girl shut the door in my face, and ran inside to find her mother. I was patient. I waited patiently.

Maya wore all black on that particular day. The colour is a total contrast with her skintone. Black plain saree with black netted short sleeves. It was almost as good as wearing a blouse without sleeves because her arms could be seen through the sleeves.

She was hesitant to call me, not sure how she should react before her daughter. In front of Maya’s daughter, I said that I needed some time to clarify a few questions. Maya’s eyes grew larger with a grin. She looked at her child.

She asked, “Can’t you turn off the television and go to sleep for a while?” His goal is to clarify his doubts about his studies. Her daughter, however, was insistent and insisted that she would watch television.

Maya wasn’t convinced. She told me to start working in her room, and she would join me later.

I went into her room, sat down on her bed, and waited. Maya arrived after approximately 5 minutes. She was just about to shut the door. She overreacted when she asked her daughter to turn down the volume of the television. Then I countered by saying, “Let her have it as loud as she likes.”

Maya smiled broadly as she closed the door. My book fell on the floor as I rushed towards her. Unable to contain my feelings, I hurried to meet her. She was pushed against the wall, just next to the door. As I grabbed her waist and sucked her lower lip, my lips were pressed over hers.

Maya pulled me away and said, “She could still hear us.” “I’m worried.” I glanced around. I noticed the bathroom attached to her room.

She asked me, “Can you hear us from two doors?” with a confused look. I then pointed to the bathroom. She glared at the door of her bathroom, then turned to me and gave me a wink. Maya took my shirt and led me into her bathroom.

The bathroom was rectangular in shape, measuring 12 feet long and 5 feet wide. The washbasin is in front of door, and the shower is in the middle. The toilet was located at the end of the door, to the left of the washbasin.

We jumped up on each other and gave each another a big hug and kiss as Maya locked the door of the bathroom and turned to me. She held my shoulder and wrapped her hand behind my back around my armpits while grabbing my head. I grabbed the waist of her, then slid down my hands and began to squeeze her buttocks.

We were both out of control, as we kissed and sucked each other’s mouths sloppily. Even my tongue was inserted into her mouth. We kissed each other for several seconds and then slowly removed our lips.

As I took a deep breath, she replied, “I’m going to be adoring every inch of your body.” Maya asked me, “What are you waiting for?” She slowly looked at the shower.

In a flash, I removed my underwear and track pants as well as my tee shirt. My dress was placed over the marble green surrounding the washbasin. Again, I stepped up to her. Maya grabbed the hard black part of my dick, and began to stroke it.

I wrapped my arms around the waist of her dress, lifted her up, carried her inside a few steps and placed her in front of the shower. We both looked at one another for a few seconds, enthralled by lust. I opened the shower quickly. We hugged as we began to get wet.

From forehead to cheek, lips and neck we began to kiss each other’s bodies. My lust was out of control. Maya’s glow increased as she was wet. Her saree palet was hanging from her shoulder. Through her wet shirt, her bra, side of her breasts and nipples could be seen.

I shoved her against the wall in the shower. Maya was standing with her arms down, pasted to the wall. I could worship her wet skin. Too many choices were in front of my face. Her glowing, wet body made me drool. Through her blouse, I could see the boobs of this woman.

The hollowness of her navel, and her thighs sticking out from her wet saree. It was as if I were holding a plate of delicious chicken, mutton or other dishes. Unsure of where to begin, I put my hands on her stomach and began rubbing it.

My middle finger was inserted into her navel. I circled around it and stuck my fingers in. I pushed my finger deep into her hollow navel. Maya closed her eyelids, licked her lip and moved her breast a bit forward. She seemed to be inviting me into her private parts. She invited me to join her.

My face slid into her cleavage as I wrapped my arm around her breasts. My finger tingled her navel as I kissed her and licked the wet top of her body. Even her breasts were licked over her shirt. Then I slowly leaned up and kissed her neck. I ran my tongue over her jaw.

Maya grabbed me by the head as I leaned up against her. Again, we kissed sensuously. As I continued to kiss her, slowly pulling my finger from her navel, I began grabbing her boobs.

We slowly retracted our lips after a couple of seconds of kissing each other under the shower. After a deep breath, I grabbed Maya’s waist, telling her “I want your wet, clammy body to touch mine directly.” Maya replied, “When did I stop you over the past 1.5 years?”

We started to kiss intensely after she said that. Maya forced herself on me and pressed her soft boobs on my chest. The emotions were too strong for me to resist. My fingers slid into her shirt and I grabbed the boobs. The hooks were all pulled out in one go, and her shirt was ripped open to reveal her bra.

The woman did not say anything to me, but continued to kiss and smooch. Within a few seconds, I wrapped my arms around the bust of her. In my desperation, I tore her bra hooks. In a pool on water, her saree’s pallu floated. Her blouse and bra were gathered together along her arms and shoulders.

The sleeves of her blouse were stuck to the fleshy arm. Maya pulled away her lips and her arms from the sleeves. It was difficult to pull it down. Her ripped blouse and bra fell to the ground. The shower continued to run.

Maya’s upper body was wet and semi-nude. We hugged tightly. Her body was hot, but the shower water was cold. Her boobs were right on my chest as I hugged her tightly.

Then I bent down and grabbed her spongy, wet boobs. Her light brown nipples were sucked into my mouth. Her nipples were engulfed sensually as I sucked them. Maya continued moaning with her eyes shut as I squeezed her nipples. Even after that, I continued to suck her nipples.

Maya gripped my hair tightly, moaned a bit louder while I bit her nipples. I kept sucking her nipples and biting them. Slowly, I pulled out her saree that was tucked in her petticoat. As I dug my fingers into her petticoat to pull the knot out, she was able to see me.

Slowly, I untied the knot from her petticoat. It loosened her petticoat from around her waist. Slowly, it slid along her legs. The saree was wrapped over her petticoat and stuck to the fleshy thighs of her thighs.

My hand sank into the orange pants, and I rubbed it over her wet lower belly. While holding her by the waist with one hand, I began sucking on her nipples. Slowly, my other hand was inserted between her legs. Maya spread her legs to accommodate my hand.

After rubbing her lips for a few seconds, I stuck my middle finger into the tiny pussy hole. After rubbing the wet pussy lip for a couple of seconds, I stuck her middle finger in her small pussyhole. While I was dipping my finger in her pussyhole her dress blocked my elbow and prevented my hand from moving.

Slowly, I retracted my lips from her nipples. Her nipples turned red. On my knees I kissed her stomach and waist. She was looking up at me. Maya also looked down on me, her smile a little narrower. She was wearing a saree and petticoat. I dragged them down to her legs.

Maya was able to step out of the petticoat as it was falling on her. Then I slowly dragged her pants down to her knees and legs. Maya jumped again out of the panty when it fell to her feet. This is how I managed to get her completely naked. As I viewed her wet, drenched body at the bottom, my thirst and appetite grew.

After kissing and sucking her toes, I slowly climbed up. I kissed her ankles, legs, knees, and fleshy thighs. As I approached the joint between her legs I smelled fish. Both of us looked at one another with intense lust.

Then I rubbed my tongue downwards, trying to get between her legs. Then I slowly rubbed down my tongue, trying to get between her legs. We both smiled narrowly and lustfully at one another until that moment.

Maya closed her eyes as she raised her head and stuck her tongue between her legs. Then she spread her legs further, letting me taste the pink and black jelly that was between her legs. As I turned my head towards her and slowly licked her dark pussy, she smiled at me.

Then I began to lick the pink inside her lips. The pussy tasted salty and sour, while my tongue felt pricked. Then, after licking the pussy on the outside of her body for a couple seconds, I inserted my tongue in her wrinkled little pussy.

My tongue got stuck in her sexy hole. Maya changed her facial expression as she began to smile, with a shrinking face. She held my head in one hand while tucking the other into her hair. Maya began to moan sensually. Slowly, I inserted the tip of my lip into her pussy.

Maya continued to moan louder and pressed her head between my legs. My mouth covered the pussy and I began to eat it. The fishy smell of her pussy was delicious. I continued to lick and sucking hard the pink flesh that was between her legs.

Maya groaned with sensuality, her face shrunk and smiling. My tongue penetrated her pussy about one inch deep and I circled the area. I licked her pussy for a while and drank her salty and sour pussy liquid. Slowly, I removed my tongue.

Not yet. Slowly, I licked her rough abdominal. I licked and kissed her stomach and fleshy waist. While I continued to lick her moist stomach and waist, I took a closer look at her hollowed navel. My emotions took over and I grabbed the juicy buttocks.

This time I dug deep into her navel. While I dug deep with my tongue into her belly, I experienced a sharp prickling sensation on the tip of my finger. Maya groaned with heavy breathing, while I held my head in both hands. She had her upper body a bit bent above my head.

Her mangalsutra landed on top of my head. She was snoring and had her mouth open wide. Maya was blowing out air from her mouth and moaning with ecstasy. My tongue tingled Maya’s navel. My lust was heightened by her sensual moaning.

Once again, I massaged her pussy by rolling my hand around her waist. My middle finger was dipped into her tight, hot and moist pussy. I started to finger her. My tongue was buried deep in her navel when I began to finger her hard and deep pussy.

In a few moments, I dipped slowly my forefinger into her pussy. With both my fingers, I fingered her hard and deep. Maya began to moan in an apologetic tone as I fingered her deep and hard and continued to lick her navel.

It sounded like she was weeping. A glance at her face was confusing as I saw a wide smile, but a face that had shrunk and closed eyes. I became more horny as her sensual moaning grew louder. As I continued to smear her navel and drill into her pussy, she grew more horny.

Maya began to moan loudly and scream. My hands felt like they were dripping with hot watery liquids. Until this point, her body and the water were both cold. Now, hot water was dripping from her pussy onto my hand.

It has also happened in previous encounters, when she would ejaculate during our pre-play. My fingers and tongue were slowly removed from the pussy. Maya moved her stomach in and out for a couple of seconds. When she had finished, I turned to face her.

Maya, with her upper back resting on the wall, and a heavy breathing, looked at me, and exclaimed, “That’s too good.” “I love you.” Slowly, I stood up. We both smiled and hugged each other tightly. As she closed the shower, I whispered to her: “Your turn!”

By saying “Come”, she took me deeper into the bathroom. Maya kissed my entire body as she closed the lid on the toilet. She kissed me on my belly, licked the back of my nipples and sat slowly down on top of the toilet lid.

She stared at me and stroked my dick while pulling down my foreskin. She stroked my dick and said “I’ve never done that, not even for my husband.” She said, “You are special.” I then asked her why she was special.

She responded, “You are really filthy.” This gives me even more pleasure. It’s not like I only cum with sex. I need to do a lot for me feel that ecstasy. It’s you who gives me the ecstasy. It’s also what causes me to bend slightly for you. When you first asked me to put your dick in my mouth, I felt like throwing up. “But I accepted because you provide me with more than just sexual pleasures.”

She laughed at me and continued: “Anyway, I am now kind of addicted your dick. I love giving you blowjobs.” After saying that, Maya rubbed her tongue on the top of my dick. Slowly, she engulfed the dick in her mouth. She began to blow me off by sucking deeper into her mouth.

I closed my eyes and placed my hand over her shoulders. The heat in her mouth and itching sensation on my dick was a pleasure. Every time my dick was pulled from her deep mouth, she would scratch her teeth on it.

Maya squeezed the head off my dick and licked it. About 1.5 inches of it was visible. Then she lifted my dick and licked it from top to bottom. She kissed me, then sucked my balls in her mouth. It was intense enough that I almost felt like cuddling inside her mouth.

Then, after a while of getting hot and tight blowjobs, I became desperate to have sex. Maya played with my dick. She licked, bit and scratched her teeth gently over my dick while squeezing my balls. It was something I really wanted to experience for a little longer.

My desperation reached its peak after two minutes. My hands were quickly in her underarms and I lifted her up to face the wall. Maya was ready for me to fist her behind. She bowed her head and faced the wall.

My dick was rubbing over her pussy when I grabbed it. As my dick slid into the tiny, wrinkled hole in her pussy, I forced it to go inside. Maya’s head jerked up and she gasped. In one stroke, my dick penetrated Maya’s pussy. I grabbed the waist of her dress and began to penetrate deeper into her pussy.

After putting about three-quarters of her dick in her pussy I began to fist her deeply and hard, squeezing my waist into her buttocks. Maya grabbed her toilet seat, and began to scream loudly. My dick swung back and forth in her. I began to breathe heavily after drilling her pussy.

My dick was buried deep in her pussy. I grabbed the boobs of her behind and rolled her hands all over her. Her upper body was resting on my chest as I raised her. The dick was still buried deep in her pussy. From behind, I squeezed the spongy boobs.

From behind, I kissed the shoulders, ears and cheeks of Maya. Maya raised her arm behind her, turned around, and grabbed the top of my head. After a few moments, I began to slowly stir her pussy with my dick. Then I started to squeeze her spongy bobs again from behind.

From behind, I kept slapping her hard. My dick was suddenly tingling. As my semen began to ooze out, I experienced both a tickling sensation and a burning sensation. This time I began to moan as I splashed her semen inside like hot lava.

Even her upper fleshy back was bitten. The extreme pleasures I felt from sex were overwhelming. Maya made an hissing noise as I bit her. My dick shrank in size and became softer after I cum. Slowly, oozed from her pussy. Maya turned slowly towards me.

From head to toe, we were soaked and tired. We hugged one another. We both smiled. I held her around the waist. Her hand was on my shoulder and she asked: “Are you done looking at every inch of my body?” My eyes followed her to her underarms.

Maya understood what I wanted. She said with a smile that shrunk, “You’re a filthy fellow.” To my surprise she then grabbed me by the head and pushed my face against her underarms. Over her underarm, a small, long oval patch was covered with tiny grey hairs.

As I intensely licked her underarm flesh, I was enchanted by the scent of sweat. Maya gasped when I started to bite her flesh underarms. In a matter of seconds, I pulled myself out and moved on to the other arm. My saliva and marks on my teeth replaced her sweat and water underarms.

We went to bed exhausted after a last kiss and hug. She handed me a hand towel. We dried our bodies, got dressed and went to see her daughter. The little brat fell asleep in front of the television while the couch was on.

Maya looked up at me and breathed a relief. After drinking some tea, I left at around 4:30pm as Maya’s daughter was still sleeping.

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